Medical Gas Systems Installation

Installation of Medical Gas Systems

Our work undertaken has ranged from minor alterations to major medical gas systems installation projects. Installing pipework, outlet points, valve boxes, manifold, air compressors, vacuum plant, and medical alarm systems. Since 1987 we have carried out many varied contracts within the NHS and healthcare facilities, working either directly with the hospital or for mechanical subcontractors. All to standards laid down by HTM 02-01 / C11.

Medical Gas System

Typical Medical Air Module

With our highly trained team of experienced contractors, Midland medical installs gases for patient ventilation for various clinical applications safely and efficiently.

Installing a safe and reliable medical gas supply involves a great level of responsibility and expertise. With our specialist knowledge, outstanding systems expertise, and a comprehensive range of services we are confident our customers will be satisfied with the end product. Our engineers and estimators are able to give a consulting service for new projects and constructions to ease concerns. Combining with the supply, design, and installation of Medical Gas Pipelines and Pharmaceutical Gas equipment you can be sure we’ll cover it.

A medical gas piped system is designed to provide a safe, reliable, and qualified method of delivering medical gases, medical air, and surgical air from the source of supply to the appropriate terminal unit. This is done by way of a medical gas pipeline distribution system. All medical gas installations are regulated to specific standards of design and construction by the medical gases industry. The medical vacuum is also provided by means of a gas pipeline system for both medical and dental patient use. In order to control occupational exposure to waste anesthetic gas and agents, a gas scavenging disposal system is in operation.

Installation of Laboratory Gas

Laboratory Medical Gas System

Laboratory Medical Gas Pipe System

Due to the specified standards of HTM 02/01/ C11 for the installation of Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, CO2, Acetylene, Anaerobic mixtures, Nitric Oxide, In laboratories, we have seen this to be a growing part of the business.
To date, we have worked with Glaxo SmithKliene and many Universities around the country, we have also installed systems up to 6000Psi.
These types of installations are carried out to BCGA codes of practice and the pressure systems regulations