Medical Gas System Design

Custom Made Medizone for Deployable Hospital

Custom Made Medizone
for Deployable Hospital

Triplex Medical Air Module

Triplex Medical Air Module

When starting a project our team of design and contract engineers works closely with customers to find a solution that gives the best performance, to produce a package with detailed medical gas pipeline sizing and design flow rates.

Medical Gas system design is carried out to the latest HTM/C11 regulations and BCGA Codes of practice for Industrial and Laboratory Gases.

In partnership with our Customer, we find cost-effective project solutions, using where possible standard, readily available equipment.

Offering a range of Medical Air/ Vacuum/ ESM/Oxygen PSA plants and Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems (AGSS).

Drawing heavily on our underlying expertise and experience, we have developed and built special equipment to match the Customer’s criteria (see Special projects Division for the build of a Mobile Field Hospital).