Company Profile


Medical Gas Pipeline Distribution

Midland Medical Services Ltd was founded in the mid-eighties and was the subject of a management buy-out, in the autumn of 2000 supported the two co-Directors, Keith Merrick and John Wolczek.

The Core of the business is Medical Gas Installation pipelines and Maintenance.


Typical Medical Gas Air Plant

However, the development in the Medical Gas installations business has resulted in our ability to offer the complete package, from design through to final commissioning and validation services.

Similarly is our work with laboratory gas installations and the adoption of the HTM practices by the non-medical laboratory industry has brought about contact with a much wider customer base.

In recognition of this, another ‘division’ was created to specialise in this work, once again to ensure that we devoted our efforts to the market segment. Projects are undertaken anywhere within the UK, and overseas, due to our reputation for quality, cost effective work.